How Much Does Vermiculite Removal Cost in Winnipeg

Vermiculite was a commonly used insulation in attics and walls, it was used for its insulating and fire resistant properties. Although vermiculite itself doesn’t contain asbestos, the mines in which it was taken from often did, leading to asbestos fiber contamination in the vermiculite.

Vermiculite Removal Costs Winnipeg
A Vermiculite Sample - A shiny, spongy material that resembles small rocks

Disturbing vermiculite that contains asbestos will release any asbestos fibers contained in the vermiculite, leading to contamination of the rest of the building, this is why the abatement process is a level 3 abatement. Level 3 being the most dangerous as there is an almost definite chance the asbestos fibers will go airborne during the abatement process.

Vermiculite Removal Level – Type 3 – Very dangerous, asbestos likely to become airborne during abatement

It is crucial that a professional abatement company completes the process so you can keep your family and/or occupants safe. We are equipped with the proper equipment, tools, PPE and training to complete the job without contaminating the rest of the building – which would lead to extensive costs.

If you are planning on adding new insulation or removing the current vermiculite to add new insulation, companies will not complete the new installation without proven documentation from an accredited business who are professionally trained to test and/or remove the vermiculite. Often times, a company won’t even go into an attic that contains vermiculite without prior testing to ensure it’s free from asbestos.