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If your home or building was built prior to the early 1990's there's a good chance the building was constructed using asbestos containing materials. If you're doing any kind of renovations or construction, you'll need to complete asbestos testing and possibly a full inventory to ensure there is no asbestos containing materials present. 

This is where we come in. We conduct full or partial building inspections of suspect materials to test and ensure there is no asbestos containing materials present. This will help keep everyone safe during and after the renovation or construction process.

We take bulk samples of physical materials, we then test suspect material using third party lab testing. This process will tell us which (if any) materials contain asbestos. If the tests come back negative you will then be able to proceed with the construction process with no hassle and have the required documentation to prove your space is asbestos free. If testing proves there is asbestos present, we can then proceed with the removal process. If asbestos is found to be present, the asbestos containing materials will need to be removed properly before you can proceed with renovations.

Our Asbestos Testing & Inventory Services Include


Physical Bulk Sampling of Suspect Material with 3rd Party Lab Testing


We inspect your property looking for suspect asbestos containing materials, any suspect materials will be recorded and we will take a bulk sample to be sent off for third party lab testing. These samples will be tested and test results will be returned. We are trained to locate and recognize suspect materials.


Air Quality Testing for Asbestos

Air test samples would be taken and sent off for third party lab testing. These tests take air samples to determine if there is any asbestos in the air. 


Asbestos Inventory

We inspect your home or commercial building looking for suspect materials, suspect materials will be sent off for lab testing. If tested positive, we would create an inventory of the tests and provide documentation and planning for management. Any asbestos not removed would need to be monitored with yearly inspections, training would also need to be put in place for staff/occupants of the building.

Annual Asbestos Monitoring/Inspection

Upon completing an asbestos inventory, it's required that we inspect any asbestos containing materials on a yearly basis to ensure the materials are in a safe condition. Any cracking, damage, disruption to these materials would required abatement procedures.

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