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The Asbestos Survey Process (Process for Locating and Testing Asbestos in Buildings)

The asbestos survey process - Locating and testing for asbestos

What is an Asbestos Survey?

An asbestos survey is a process that allows us to locate, test and determine the safety of suspected asbestos containing materials (ACM)

Why is a Survey Required?

A survey is required by Workplace Safety & Health MB regulations to keep all workers and occupants safe. With asbestos being a leading cause of death, we need to take appropriate measures to ensure asbestos is not released during any demolition or renovation work. To obtain a building permit in buildings built prior to 1990, you must provide a completed asbestos survey.

Once completed, asbestos surveys must be posted at the location where the asbestos project is being completed; the prime contractor, employer or owner must retain a copy and keep it on site for the duration of the work. The building owner should retain a copy for their records. Relief Restorations Inc. keeps records of all documents for 40 years!

Workplace Safety & Health MB must be notified 5 days prior to the asbestos abatement being started. If Relief Restorations is completing the work, Relief Restorations takes care of this step for you.

While working with Relief Restorations, we’ll go through each of the following steps with you. We’ll walk you through the process so there are no surprises. We’ll answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Asbestos testing and abatement can be a lengthy process with a lot of documentation and safety protocol, before you begin any renovation or demolition, you’ll want to plan ahead for this process. Ensure that you hire a certified company with the proper knowledge to complete this process. Relief Restorations can take care of this process for you.

Asbestos testing and abatement can be a lengthy process with a lot of documentation and safety protocol, before you begin any renovation or demolition, you’ll want to plan ahead for this process.

Steps We Take to Locate and Remove Asbestos and to be Compliant in Manitoba

  1. The renovation or demolition of a home or building is being planned; permits are being planned/prepared or plans are being started, the building was built before Dec 31, 1990. The ACM survey process must be started.

  2. The homeowner, building owner, prime contractor or employer requests a consultant (Ex: Relief Restorations) to perform a risk assessment and asbestos survey. This must be completed prior to any work being commenced as to not disturb any asbestos containing materials (ACM). If work is to be completed where no suspect ACM are present, a survey may not be necessary.

  3. Relief Restorations inspects the building for suspect ACM, once assessed, bulk samples will be collected from the suspect ACM. Relief Restorations then sends the collected samples to a third party, qualified lab for testing. Multiple samples are typically required for each suspect material. Pricing is provided before we complete this step.

  4. Relief Restorations prepares a report that identifies the results of the testing, this report will include findings, specifications, risk assessment and scope of work necessary for the abatement (removal) process.

  5. Relief Restorations provides the home/building owner, contractor or employer with the report. This report must be available on site while the work is being completed.

  6. Relief Restorations proceeds with the abatement work, written work procedures and safety documents will/must be kept on site for the duration of the project.

  7. We safely remove, contain and dispose the identified asbestos containing materials

  8. Third party air clearance testing is completed to ensure there are no airborne asbestos fibers prior to allowing occupancy. Once this step is completed, we remove the containment. A copy of the air clearance results is provided to the home/building owner, contractor or employer.

  9. Once the entire abatement, testing and tear down process is complete, Relief Restorations completes and provides the home/building owner or employer with written confirmation of successful completion of the removal of ACMs. A copy of the certificate of clearance is provided to the home/building owner, contractor or employer.

  10. The building/home owner may authorize demolition or renovation crew’s access to proceed with the renovation or demolition work. A copy of the inspections and post abatement reports must be kept on site while the other crews work.

*** If ANY ACM or unidentified suspect ACM are found during the demolition, renovation or salvage process. All work must be halted immediately until Relief Restorations completes another risk assessment and the ACM is safely removed or contained. If this happens, we may need to repeat the previous steps. This unfortunately does happen from time to time as suspect ACM inspectors are limited to what they can take apart or demolish during the inspection process, at times for example, a wall may be opened up to find ACM behind it that was not possible to locate previously ***

There were over 3000 building products fabricated using asbestos, for everyone’s safety these steps must be followed EVERY TIME.

If you have any questions about this process, contact us today at 1-833-367-7354 or email us at


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