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Winnipeg's Light Demolition Company. We Offer Demolition Services From Bathroom Clear-Outs to Complete Interior / Exterior Demolition Services. 

We'll Complete Demolition Before the Finishing Crew Comes in to Remodel. Crews are Trained to Complete Each Demolition Project Safely and Effectively.

Demolition Services

Interior Demolition Services include the demolition and removal of interior walls, flooring, ceilings and more. Does not include load bearing walls or structural components.


Complete Basement Demolition

Entire Floor Demolition

Gutting Entire Interiors

Kitchen Demolition

Bathroom Demolition

Bedroom Demolition

Living Room Demolition

Dining Room Demolition

Fixture Removal

Drywall Removal

Flooring Removal

And More

Outdoor Demolition Services

Outdoor Demolition Services include the demolition and removal of exterior siding, structures and yard features. We can remove your structures with future plans in mind. We can even provide the help of a Landscape Construction company to help you rebuild at the same time while removal is completed. 


Stucco & Siding Removal

Shed Demolition

Deck Demolition

Patio Removal

Fence Removal

Play Structure Removal

And More

Material Hauling / Dumping

After the demolition is complete, we'll remove and haul away the demolished materials so you're left with a clean slate for your construction crew to come in and complete the rebuild.


Safe Material Removal

Contain Debris and Dust

Material Hauling

Proper Disposal

How It Works

Call to Schedule a Consultation

Fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page or call us at 1-833-367-7354. From there we'll answer any questions you may have and set up a call to find out more regarding what you're looking for.

On Site Estimate

We'll come to the property for an on site consultation. We'll take measurements, see what needs to be removed. From here we'll provide you with a Free quote so you'll know what the demolition will cost.

Planning & Demolition

We'll create a demolition plan for a safe and effective removal. We'll take the necessary precautions and steps to ensure all materials are removed properly with dust and debris in mind.

Haul Away / Disposal

Materials from the demolition are removed from the property and taken to the dump for disposal. Leaving your property clear and ready for the construction and finishing crew. They'll start with a blank slate.

Ready to Request a Free Consultation?

Interior Demolition Services Winnipeg

Asbestos Present or Found During Demolition?

We're trained asbestos remediation experts, we'll take care of the testing and abatement process so we don't have the down-time of hiring another company to come in for testing and removal. We can locate the suspect asbestos containing materials, send them for testing immediately and safely remove the materials so you can continue the process with no major delays.

Less Risk of Issues  -  Less Risk of Major Delays

How Much Does Demolition Cost?

Demolition costs vary from project to project. Pricing is determined by a variety of factors including location, floor, material, containment required, filtration required, disposal, etc.


For a customized estimate and consultation, please fill out the form below to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need to Leave During Demolition?

If there are hazardous substance such as asbestos present, all occupants will be required to leave the property during the abatement process. If its simply light demolition, the occupants can remain in the building; however, must keep out of the work area during the demolition. 

What Do You Do to Contain the Dust and Debris?

Often times a project requires us to set up a containment area so we can filter the air and keep other surfaces free of debris. We plan each project and will explain what will be done to limit dust and debris to the rest of the building.

How Long Does the Demolition Take?

Each project is different, as such, a projects time length depends on steps we need to take for a safe and effective demolitions as well as area size and location. A smaller project such as a bathroom or kitchen can take 2 - 4+ business days. A larger project such as an entire home basement can take 4 - 8 business days or more.

Why Relief Restorations Inc?

We have the knowledge, experience and equipment to ensure a safe and effective demolition. We're trained to recognize hazardous asbestos containing materials to ensure there is no contamination of the rest of the building while we're completing the demolition, a contaminated building could cost a lot of time and money to clear the building of the asbestos fibers released from such a disaster.

We'll help take care of the entire demolition process from start to finish so your finishing contractor can come in to a clean slate.


Safe, Reliable and Trusted Service 

Let's Work Together

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