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Steps We Take While Removing Asbestos Containing Materials From a Building

Bag Removal of Asbestos

Asbestos fibers are tiny fibers that are built into many products. While completing the abatement process we need to get the asbestos containing materials out of the building, but how do we do this?

Answer: Thick Bags!

The Bagging Process for Removing Asbestos Containing Materials

For this process, we use at minimum a 6mil Poly Bag, not only one but two bags.

This process involves a specific bagging method guided by Manitoba regulations

Bag one, we place the materials into the first poly bag, we then gooseneck the bag and seal it.

Bag two, we place the first bag full of materials into the second one, we then gooseneck the second bag and seal it as well.

A gooseneck seal is when we twirl the open top of the bag and fold the thick twirled end in on itself, creating an end that resembles a gooses neck. This method helps seal the bag further to ensure no asbestos fibers sneak their way out of the bag.

The outer bag is labeled with an applicable "danger asbestos" label governed by our local government.

What About Larger Items That Can't Be Bagged?

A solution we use for larger items is shrouding the material in poly sheeting and sealing it. This provides a safe removal method for items we cant break down into smaller pieces.

Don't The Bags Have Asbestos Fibers on Them When Leaving the Work Area?

No. Before leaving containment, we wash each bag in the shower room to ensure there are no asbestos fibers on the outer bag. This allows us to safely remove the bags through the rest of the building before placing them into the jobsite bin ready for disposal.

After The Bags Leave the Work Area

Once the bags leave the building we place them into an enclosed trailer or bin. From there the materials are transported to the appropriate dump for proper disposal. This process requires that our drivers have specialized up to date Transportation of Dangerous Goods tickets with appropriate vehicle or trailer signage.

Using these steps allows us to complete a safe and effective removal, also ensuring the materials and bags don't contaminate anything else while being removed.

Our workers are trained and certified in level I, II and III asbestos abatement which includes training on safe packaging methods and removal of the asbestos containing materials.

If you have any questions about this process, feel free to reach out to us. We'd be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

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