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Mould Air Quality Testing Winnipeg

As homeowners and business owners, we want to ensure our living spaces are safe and healthy spaces. The air we breathe can impact our health and cause many issues. Elderly, young ones and those with asthma and immune compromised systems will find themselves having issues down the road if air quality issues are left unresolved. 

- Here's where we come in. 

We provide air quality testing in Winnipeg and surrounding communities. Whether you want to test for mould, asbestos or other harmful particles we can ensure your living space is safe for everyone. All samples we take are third party lab tested to ensure quality, accurate results. We provide lab results with documentation for each test.

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Mould Testing Service Prices

Updated 2023


Basement / Apartment (1 air sample)

             Add Moisture Survey

One Story House + Basement (2 air samples)

             Add Moisture Survey

Two Story House + Basement ( 3 air samples)

             Add Moisture Survey

Each Additional Sample

Control Sample *Air samples may require 1 control sample to properly assess data when compared to outdoor conditions

Tape Lifts - First Sample

Tape Lifts - Samples After First












Air Quality Testing Machine Rentals

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Air Quality Testing


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