How to Collect a Sample for Asbestos Testing

Collecting Asbestos Bulk Samples for Testing

In this article, we'll go over how you take samples of suspect asbestos containing materials for laboratory testing. Feel free to print this guide for your use.

**Collecting asbestos samples should only be completed by those trained in asbestos awareness and bulk sample collection. If you haven’t been trained in locating and identifying suspect asbestos containing materials, you should contact your local asbestos testing service. We offer this service in the Winnipeg, MB Canada area.

Instructions for Collecting an Asbestos Sample

Step 1: Preparation

To complete the sample collection, you’ll need the following:

Tools you’ll need:

An exacto knife

Flat Pry bar

Ziploc Bags

Permanent marker

Stickers with identifying numbers (tape works too)

Spray bottle containing water

Camera (phone camera will do)

Ladder for higher locations or attics

PPE You’ll need: