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Vermiculite & Insulation Removal Winnipeg

Asbestos is commonly found in vermiculite installed prior to 1990, it will need to be tested and if found positive for asbestos, it will need to be removed using level 3 (highest) asbestos removal procedures. We provide testing and removal services. If you have vermiculite in your attic or in the walls, chances are it contains asbestos. We can help you remove it safely and quickly with our high powered vacuum systems. 

 resembles small pebbles or rocks. Vermiculite has a shiny appearance and it's colour's range from yellows, to whites, blacks, greys or even a clear look."


  Vermiculite Sample  

Winnipeg Vermiculite Removal Services. We offer safe and effective vermiculite insulation removal. Asbestos found in vermiculite can go airborne while being removed. Using the proper specialized equipment and PPE, we can remove the vermiculite safely.

What Is Vermiculite?

Vermiculite is a low density insulation commonly used in attics, chimneys and walls. Vermiculite is not asbestos, however some of the vermiculite deposits where the vermiculite came from contained asbestos and the vermiculite was contaminated. Vermiculite sold today does not contain asbestos.

What Does Vermiculite Look Like

As pictured above, it resembles small pebbles or rocks. Vermiculite has a shiny appearance and it's colour's range from yellows, to whites, blacks, greys or even a clear look. It looks hard but its actually spongy and can be squished with light hand pressure.

Is Vermiculite Safe If Undisturbed?

If vermiculite is left undisturbed, it shouldn't pose any health risks; it's when it is disturbed, moved, blown or shaken that the asbestos fibers are released. If you have vermiculite present, as long as it stays in place, you should be safe. If you are doing renovations to the ceiling or in the attic, it should be treated as asbestos containing materials and proper safety and procedures should be followed. Often times it will need to be removed before any renovations or construction can continue. If you have vermiculite in your home or building it will need to be tested for asbestos before you continue with any work.

How Is Vermiculite Removed?

Vermiculite that contains asbestos, is treated as an asbestos containing material. As such, it needs to be treated as a high risk material. We use the combination of containment, decontamination chambers, specialized vacuums, PPE and specialized equipment to remove it safely, so it doesn't contaminate the rest of the building while it is being removed. Vermiculite should only be removed by trained professionals with the correct systems and equipment. The removal process is a lengthy process, the entire process can take 3+ days to complete.

For more information on how we remove vermiculite, click HERE


Is the Removal Process Safe?

We take every precaution to ensure no asbestos fibers are released into the building. We use specialized HEPA vacuums to remove vermiculite along with specialized HEPA filtration to ensure any fibers released are sucked up and contained in the large HEPA filters. The entire work area is contained as well as all air vents. Upon removal completion, we acquire third party air clearance testing to ensure there are no airborne fibers. This test will tell us it's safe for occupants to move back in.

Can I Stay in My Home While Remediation is Completed?

No, due to the high risk nature of the vermiculite abatement process, all home occupants must leave the building for the entire duration of the remediation process. We lock all doors when we leave and make every effort to keep the building safe during this period. For large buildings, occupants are not allowed in or around the work area.

Upon abatement completion, we would acquire a third party air clearance test to ensure the building is safe for re-occupancy, once we've removed all equipment and containment it would be cleared as safe to move back in.


Image by Sebastian Herrmann

Why Relief Restorations Inc For Your Vermiculite Removal?

Our Expert, Highly Trained Staff Will Complete Your Project With The Highest Level of Safety in Mind

We Come From a Safety Services Background Dealing With Some of the Highest Safety Standards in Canada

Management Was Trained and Certified in Alberta, the Only Country Wide Certification System

We've Got the Tools and Equipment to Get the Project Completed Properly the First Time




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How To Minimize Your Risk of Vermiculite Asbestos Fibers Being Released Into Your Building

  • Restrict access to the attic, avoid letting people go into the attic

  • No one should not go into the attic without prior asbestos training, knowledge and PPE

  • Seal all cracks and holes in the ceiling, circulation fans should not be used in the attic and drafts should be taken care of

  • Ensure anyone working in the attic knows about the vermiculite presence and is trained in asbestos awareness

  • If anyone is required to go into the attic, they should use boards to walk on

  • If required to work, limit time in the attic and ensure no tool or equipment is used that may disturb the vermiculite, proper PPE should be worn at all times while in the attic.

Using Only The Best Tools & Equipment

Ruwak Attic Insulation Removal Vacuum
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Vermiculite Testing & Removal Pricing

Often times costs for Vermiculite Removal are unexpected. The process is lengthy, there are many steps that need to be taken, many safety protocol, large amounts of documentation and paperwork, laboratory testing throughout the process, containment set up, decontamination set up, tear down, safe disposal, etc, etc.

For information on basic testing and removal pricing click HERE. We offer a free initial consultation and estimate before proceeding with the work and testing 

For Manitoba Specific Vermiculite Information, You'll Find More Great Information and Facts on the Manitoba Government Site, Found by Clicking HERE

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Or Download the Manitoba Asbestos Guidelines Booklet By Clicking the PDF Icon

Manitoba Asbestos

Guideline Booklet

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