How to Prevent Mould Growth

Mould Growth Behind Basement Walls
Mould Growth Hidden Behind Basement Walls, Covering the Entire Basement

Mould, a word that makes most of our stomachs turn. Mould can be a good thing under certain circumstances, it's used in penicillin and has various other uses. When it grows in our homes and living spaces it becomes a problem.

Why is mould a problem?

Mould spreads quickly and easily once it forms and cannot be removed completely. Often times it permanently damages whatever it grows on and you either have to remove and replace the item, do demolition or apply a sealant paint to contain the issue. When it grows undetected in your home, it can become a major issue leading to health risks and issues; especially in those with immune compromised systems, the elderly and young. It can lead to asthma attacks, allergy-like reactions among many other issues. Mould doesn’t simply grow in the basement or shower, it can form on food, carpets, paper, drywall and many other places, places you won't always see. It’s a common issue we find when opening up a wall or removing items from a building.

Here are ways to defeat the mould problem before it begins.

1. Identify Problem Areas in Your Building or Home

The first step to any situation is being prepared, you’re going to want to walk through your home or building and look for problem areas. Areas such as your basement, bathroom, attic, crawl spaces. Areas where water and dampness are common issues.

Look for:

  • Water stains

  • Leaks

  • Condensation on windows

  • Higher than normal humidity