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How-to Use

How to use the fogger


Fog upon project completion:

PPE Required:

- Respirator

- Eye glasses recommended


  • Fill fogger with solution; (decon 30) approx. 1.5-2 liters per residential floor

  • Plug in fogger with extension cord

  • Place fogger in the first room, you want to position the fogger to cover a wide area and not too close to walls or objects so they don't get soaked

  • Turn the fogger on and open the knob on the wand (counter clockwise) 

  • While fogging, you'll want to reposition the machine every 1/4 of the time frame to ensure proper coverage. For larger rooms, you should complete other tasks and help crews between re-positions. Fog the following times in each room/area:

    • 5-7 mins for small rooms (bedroom)​

    • 10 mins for medium rooms (kitchens)

    • 15 mins for med-large areas (large open concept living areas)

    • 20-30 mins for large areas (craw space or basement)

    • 30-45 mins for very large areas (large open basements)

    • ** Add time (20-25%) for areas/rooms with mould

  • Do not go into areas with closed doors, do not open any doors or closed drawers, closets, etc.

  • Once finished all areas, close the knob (clockwise)

  • Turn off the machine, unplug the machine, wind up cords and place in vehicle


To maintain the fogger


Upon project completion once at shop:

  • Empty fogger solution back into container

  • Fill reservoir with 20% water

  • Swish water

  • Turn on machine and spray fogger for 45 seconds until water is running thoroughly through spray nozzle

  • Close nozzle and turn off fogger

  • Empty water

  • Wipe down fogger and put back on shelf

  • Mark maintenance on appropriate maintenance form


Fixing issues


Fogger won't spray

  • Fogger may be out of solution or very low

  • Try turning the fogger off then on

  • Turn the knob to ensure its open, or open the knob further

Fogger won't turn on

  • Turn fogger off then on

  • Check power outlet to make sure its still plugged in

  • Check extension cord to ensure in works

  • Try a different outlet

  • Inspect fogger for damage

* If these don't work, call management for instructions

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