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Our Commitment To Safety​

As restoration specialists, we deal with many different substances that can be harmful to ones health, often times the things we think are safe can be extreme hazards. Things like mold and sitting water can be more harmful that we realize. At relief Restorations, we've made it our mission to go above and beyond our safety goals. When it comes to restoring homes and buildings, we strive to keep each site accident free with no negative impact on the environment or people affected. We are committed to providing a safe place for you to be in whether it's at work or your home.

Asbestos and Mould Removal Safety

Our Commitment to Training:


In order to keep you and everyone else safe, we ensure all staff are trained expertly in each field they work. Upon hiring new crew members, we start with initial training to ensure everyone is on the same page and that all procedures are known and followed. We then have each person complete in-depth training to meet the standard of safety in the restoration field.

Once each person is trained sufficiently to work in the field, we work with them to ensure all knowledge is applied properly. We continue to train all staff throughout the years to keep each person up to date on the latest knowledge and safety training. With safety as our number one priority, we have our own health and safety department to ensure safety is kept up to date. Each Relief Restorations employee must follow our health and safety policies and procedures, we ensure responsibility by following and complying with all government health and safety rules, regulations and laws

We are committed to continuous improvement of our health and safety program.

We Require of Each Employee:


Initial safety training for each employee

In-class training and testing

Daily training, site safety assessments, documentation and checklists for each site

Weekly safety and training meetings

Monthly in-depth safety meetings

Continued training and certifications as necessary

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